How do I create a website?

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Published: September 14, 2022 |
How Do I Create A Website

How do I create a website?

Below is the process Artful Fox follow when developing websites

The online world is the place where your customers are searching to find the services you provide. So it’s time that you created an online presence for your business that can reach out to a wider audience and explore new vistas.

We, at Artful Fox, are here to help create your website that will provide an awesome first time experience for your visitors and convert them into customers in no time at all. Here’s how we do it.


Planning is, perhaps, the most crucial stage of a website construction because this is where you state the purpose of the website and decide who your target audience is. This is the stage where we meet you and understand your expectations from us and what you expect to achieve with your website.



Once we understand your website requirements, we design the site for you based on your logo & branding. If you don’t have a logo we also provide a logo design service too!
A logo gives us a starting point to design a site to match your business branding. The website design is created specifically for your business requirements and created in a way to appeal to your target audience.



SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important factors that set aside a good website from others. We research and implement keyword phrases related to your business that will help search engines to find your site easily. With our on-page & off-page SEO services, you are assured your site will be optimised so that it is found in a Google search for your services.



The next stage is to convert the web design visual into a responsive WordPress website design. ‘Responsive design’ means that your website will look good across all platforms including desktop computers, iPhones & iPads etc.

The websites we create are fully responsive and scalable so that they can be operated and edited with ease. Our web development team works relentlessly to give you a fully operative website within four to six weeks.



Our work is not over after the website development. We test your website and operate it to ensure that the site is working without any snags. We check your web pages, website functionality and email accounts so that once it is launched, it will function smoothly.



This is the final phase when your website goes live. After final testing we make your site operational and submit each web page URL to Google and other search engines by inviting search engine robots to visit and index your site.



Our tried and tested web design process is comprehensive and ensures your website deliveres results. Contact us today to get a stunning website that will lead to online enquiries for your business.


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