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Written by: Neil Forrester|
Published: September 22, 2022 |
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Would you like to improve your website’s SEO & search result on Google when people search for the services or products you offer? I am sure the answer is yes! In this post I’ll explain how ‘link building’ can help push your website up the ranks.

Lets imagine you have a website promoting your business services. Let’s also assume your website pages are well written and the information is structured correctly including H1 tags, images, internal links etc.

If competition for the services & products you provide is high, well written content will only get you so far in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listings. The only way of improving your website’s Google position in a search result is by building links from other websites pointing to yours. This process is known as ‘link building’.

Link Building

How does link building work?

Let imagine you have a landscaping website located in Leicester. Ideally you would like to be found for the keyword phrase ‘landscaper Leicester’. So we are targeting a keyword phrase + location.

Next, you need to find websites whos topic is also landscaping and thos sites must allow us to create a link with the words ‘Landscaper Leicester’ to point back to your website.

The difficult part about improvong your website SEO link building is finding good quality websites that relate to your business. The even more difficult task is finding good quality websites that will allow you to create a link pointing to your website.

Why inbound link building works

Google views good quality backlinks to your website as endorsements and a ‘thumbs up’ for the services you provide. In basic terms the more links you have pointing to your site – the better.

Link Quality

Artful Fox only souces good quality links from reputable websites.

Authentic Websites

Back links need to be built from genuine websites that have well written content and good domain authority.

Link Placement

Links need to be placed within the written content naturally and within context. Click here for information about our own Blog Writing Service.


We have access to a wide portfolio spanning many industries meaning we can always find a suitable website to build placement links.

Get Your Website On Page One!

Having your website listed on page one for the services you provide means more enquiries & leads. Get in touch to discover how we can help promote your website.


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