Pictures say a thousand words, so get started with an incredible logo design to encapsulate the essence of your brand.

Logo Design

Award-winning, creative logo design for your company that will inspire and help you connect with your customers.

Versatile design capabilities for all kinds of businesses in Leicester, including product-based and service-oriented businesses.

One-on-one consultation for you to express how you want your logo to look and be involved in the process.

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Why you need an awesome logo! Logo Design Leicester

Your logo is the fingerprint of your brand. It’s what makes you unique, so it’s worth investing in really outstanding logo design. Here are some of the reasons we believe that really good logo design is imperative for any business:

  • Your logo is the first thing consumers will notice about your business and they expect something that’s going to resonate with them. A logo that’s attractive and meaningful to your brand will secure customer loyalty.
  • A company logo is what customers will remember you by, so choose a logo design that is simple but impactful. Use colours that immediately identify with your business. Make it minimal or make it artistic. Either way, make it memorable.
  • A logo is versatile and allows you to put your company stamp on anything. Once you have a custom logo design you are 100% happy with, you can place it on banners, uniforms, flyers, social media, your website and basically anywhere you want to be seen.

Our logo design service Logo Design Leicester

The design team at Artful Fox will work its magic to produce a stunning logo for your company. We have 20+ years of experience in design and branding for businesses in Leicester, so with us, you are truly in safe hands, and your business will be able to flourish. We have all the skills, capabilities and resources to design a logo for you that is powerful, memorable and compatible with all formats. Whether you need your logo for outdoor branding or digital marketing, we will ensure that it looks fantastic in any format.

Our clients love the personal approach that we take to logo design. This means that we have a one-on-one chat about what your expectations are for your logo and what exactly you want it to represent. Whether you own a wellness company or a corporate law firm, we take the time to get to know you and bring out your brand identity in compelling logo design fit for business.

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