Anchor your website on a secure, supported platform with our reliable Managed WordPress Hosting service.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Stress-free Managed WordPress Hosting. Updates, backups and security done for you. We do hosting so you can do life.

Worried about space? We offer the best WordPress web hosting service in the UK with 20GB space for your needs. If you need more we have it!

Why wait until it’s too late? Give yourself peace of mind knowing that we have your site secure.

£110.00 / month


What to expect from our Managed WordPress Hosting service

Managed WordPress Hosting

Keeping your business website design secure and up to date is essential if you want to protect your investment. For less than £3.65 per day, you have peace of mind knowing your business website is maintained, secure and backed up.

We promise to look after your website like it was our own. We know that as a business owner, you want your WordPress hosting to be secure and have enough resources for fast page load times and traffic.

  • Professionalism is our top priority when it comes to web hosting. We’ll migrate your site CPANEL for free and ensure everything is working as expected after the move.
  • At the best and worst of times, technical problems can arise, which is why you need reliable support from your Managed Wordpress Hosting provider. Allow us to look after the technical aspects of running a WordPress website and you focus on uploading content.

Secure Managed WordPress Hosting in the UK

Backups, backups and more backups! This cannot be emphasised enough. Your data is valuable, so don't take the risk of losing it. Artful Fox will help you to secure your priceless business website data as part of our Managed WordPress Hosting services, so you are never without a backup. We also provide full website restoration to a working backup should it ever be required.

When customers visit your website, they essentially want it to function and load quickly. However, they also want security. Your site may require visitors to fill out a form or enter their credit card details. Visitors want to know that their information is encrypted and protected at all times with an SSL certificate. We offer the UK’s most secure website hosting service to give you and your customers peace of mind.

We know Web Design, SEO & WordPress Hosting. Get in touch to learn how we can help your business grow.

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